Essential Travel Items (Swingers Edition)

Swingers Travel Items
Oh darling, of course I brought the lube!

Planning a holiday? Planning to Swing? Don’t forget these swingers travel items!

Swingers Travel Items
Oh darling, of course I packed the lube!

It’s not unusual for hot swinger couples to want to indulge in some sexy swinging experiences while travelling overseas. However, it’s a good idea to make a checklist of essential swingers travel items so your vacation shenanigans are fun and uninterrupted!


‘Duh’, you say? You’d be surprised how many swingers find themselves at a sexy club or party overseas and discover that the local rule is strictly BYO condoms. Or what if there are indeed condoms, but they are a strange, unfamiliar brand and your penis goes on strike? You can always go to the local chemist to stock up once you’ve left Australia but do you fancy asking for condoms in broken English? It doesn’t hurt to throw in a box of your favourite brand into your suitcase.


Perhaps even harder to ask for in broken English or hand gestures is lube. Make sure you get a fresh, unopened tube or bottle and pack it into your suitcase (not your carry-on bags).

Sexy Lingerie/Costume Pieces

If the urge to attend a local swingers party strikes and there is a theme, you don’t want to be scrambling around at the last minute looking for an appropriate costume or sexy lingerie. Many European clubs and parties are pretty strict with themes and dress code so be prepared. Don’t assume that you can find something easily locally or that if you do, the size will work for you. Pack some versatile lingerie pieces or sexy jocks at least. Mesh vests are also handy and looks the part.


Obviously you won’t forget any prescription items but don’t forget over-the-counter creams and potions that may be hard to find or ask for while overseas. If you’re prone to cold sores, stock up on Zovirax so you can nip it at the bud the night before and not the next day when it’s too late. If marathon sex causes cystitis or thrush, bring all the relevant remedies so you can resume having fun for the whole holiday.

Mini ‘Massagers’

See our caution below about bringing obvious sex toys with you overseas but there’s nothing wrong with packing a mini vibrator (ahem, personal massager) to help relieve the stress of a long plane trip. The modern pocket rockets are usually rechargeable via USB so there’s no need to worry about taking adaptors along. Yes, that means leaving the mighty Magic Wand at home.

Travel Guides and Translators

Hopefully you’ve already researched online where to go for a sexy swinging vacation but don’t let the language barrier stop you from having fun. Check out the ‘Making out in…’ series of phrase books so you don’t end of offending someone sexy or turning the wrong people on.

Finally, don’t risk breaking any locals laws by bringing the following things into a foreign country:

Amyl Nitrite ‘Poppers‘ – These party enhancers are popular but could be illegal where you travel. Not worth the risk and that goes for any substance.

Pornography – You might think it’s a good idea to pack your favourite BBC Vs. Milf DVD but a lot of countries confiscate porn or apply fines. Leave it at home.

Large, obvious sex toys – Sex toys are illegal in some countries. The penalties may be minor in most cases but you don’t need your dildo guest starring on Border Security do you?