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Host Your Own Swingers Party

It can be hard to the perfect venue with the perfect guests that meets all of your needs. So if you want to be in control and take the reins, why not host your own party? You can hire out a venue or host a more intimate swinger’s party in the comfort of your own home. It’s the perfect way to make sure that the guest list will be full of sexy singles and swinging couples that you’re interested in meeting and find attractive. Here’s some tips for hosting your own swingers party.

  1. Ensure that your house is clean if it’s at your own digs.
  2. If you have a hot tubs, spa or a pool make sure they are clean and fit for use and that you provide plastic cups so that no glass is used in these areas.
  3. Make sure the beds have clean linen (and have spare linen provided in all of the rooms).
  4. Have plenty of clean towels and condoms ready for your guests.
  5. Decide which rooms will be used for what purpose: social, private play, and open play areas.
  6. Designate a smoking area.
  7. Ensure you have plenty of parking close by for your guests.
  8. Create a sexy playlist and ensure that you have a sound system located in the right areas.
  9. Research some fun ice breaker games to get the party started! (The Swingers Australia site has compiled a list of fun swingers party games to help you out)
  10. Have finger foods, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks ready for your guests.
Host Your Own Swinger's Party
Host Your Own Swinger’s Party
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