Young Swingers Week

Explore Young Swingers Week!

Young Swingers WeekHedonism II played host to Young Swingers Week earlier this month which from all accounts was another successful event. On top of many sun and sex filled days and nights, Young Swingers Week in October also featured a Young Swingers Wedding! If you’ve ever complained about there not being enough swingers events for under 40s, then you need to get yourself over to Hedonism II while this event is on.

Of course we love our mature swingers but if you’re a swinger couple who doesn’t want to mingle with people who remind you of your parents, then you’ll love the concept of Young Swingers Week. Occurring twice yearly, Young Swingers Week encourages swinging couples aged 40 and under to enjoy the delights of Hedonism II with their peers. While the age bracket is just a recommendation, the event is designed to make swingers in the 20s and 30s not feel like the youngest at the party.

Young Swingers WeekWe know age is a touchy topic but there’s nothing wrong with addressing the fact that sometimes people get along better when mingling with those closest to their own age. Just as many mature swingers don’t want to attend parties full of 20-year olds listening to Drake and taking selfies, younger swingers also want to enjoy a swinging environment that is in keeping with their generation. What better way than at Young Swingers Week?

The other great thing that Young Swingers Weeks takes into account is that a younger couple’s budget is often not as generous as mature swingers’. Hedonism II says, “What we wanted to do is make your experience as budget friendly as possible. After all not all of us can afford expensive swinger vacations and you shouldn’t have to just to be able to try new experiences together as young couples.”. That’s a pretty cool way of thinking!

Young Swingers Week will be held in March and July next year and with any luck, Hedonism II will do another October event too.